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Violet Flame Masterclass for Abundance

It's time for you to embody abundance consciousness, so allow the Violet Flame to bring you there. In this Masterclass, you get Divine Assistance from Earth and beyond.

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We work together with the Divine Forces and our higher selves to bring forth the rapid, permanent and powerful transformations required for you to step into an abundant, prosperous life.

This Masterclass is for you who want to embrace dignity and power in alignment with your sacred heart's values.

You'll get six modules with instructions and video sessions following a unique 5-step process.

1 x Introduction Video
1 x Attunement Session (30-min video)
1 x Download Session (10-min video)
1 x Activation Session (7-min video)
1 x Integration Session (20-min video)
1 x Grounding Session (26-min video)

Each module comes with instructions before and after the session. Lifetime access. This Masterclass can be repeated monthly or bi-monthly for continuous attunement and upgrades.

You get instant access to the full Masterclass. Students enrolled in this class also get access to the community forum, The Coffeehouse. To cancel a subscription, send an e-mail to [email protected] at least three days before the end of your billing cycle.