£99.00 GBP

Divine Union with the Lemurian & Atlantean Archangels Masterclass

Welcome to this healing, alchemizing and enlightening experience: a Divine Co-creation created to bring you into deeper Divine Union.

A union within with the Divine brings you deeper into Oneness Consciousness.

Begin with Step 1. Attunement and wait 48 hours before you continue to Step 2. Download and Step 3. Activation. Wait another 48 hours before you proceed to Step 4. Integration and Step 5. Grounding.

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We work together with the Divine Forces and our higher selves to bring forth the rapid, permanent and powerful transformations we so yearn for.

You'll get five modules with instructions and video sessions following a unique 5-step process.

1 x Attunement Session 
1 x Download Session 
1 x Activation Session
1 x Integration Session
1 x Grounding Session

Each module comes with instructions before and after the session. Lifetime access. This Masterclass can be repeated monthly or bi-monthly for continuous attunement and upgrades.

You get instant access to the full Masterclass. Students enrolled in this class also get access to the community forum, The Coffeehouse.