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✨ Upgrade Your Chakra System with 105 Crystal Light Codes ✨ This 8-week video series starts on Aug 1. Get a new 30-min session every week and work your way through your 7-chakra system with ease. 

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Expand your spiritual path and divine connection with our Masterclasses. New Masterclasses come out on the 1st and 17th of every month. With a carefully designed 5-step process, we collaborate cosmically with divine beings, forces and collectives to serve the highest good of all in divine timing.

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Join our monthly live group coaching calls at the Cosmic Shaman Academy, where we focus on spiritual growth and support. Each session offers a safe space to share your journey, ask questions, and receive guidance live from Cosmic Shaman Elinros. Embrace the opportunity to feel heard, understood, and uplifted in a compassionate and supportive environment.

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We are currently planning a couple of workshops in the San Diego-area in September. This gives you an opportunity to experience powerful shifts: Attune, Download, Activate, Integrate and Ground supported by a powerful group energy. Sign up to our mailinglist below to stay informed.


Nestled in the serene landscapes of Bali, these retreats provide a sanctuary for personal growth, healing, and spiritual awakening. Participants can immerse themselves in shamanic journeys, meditation, deep sharing circles, and nature excursions, all designed to foster inner peace, clarity, and connection to the cosmos. Benefits include enhanced mental and emotional well-being, deeper self-awareness, and a renewed sense of purpose, empowering individuals to lead more fulfilling and balanced lives. We are currently planning the first retreat in November. Sign up to our mailinglist below to stay informed.


Time to fly!

There is no point in holding yourself back or doubting your ability to constantly reach new, dazzling heights. Together¬†we will soar¬†like eagles, use our creative power unobstructedly, and leap like¬†jaguars¬†through portals and gateways‚ÄĒto finally¬†ground deeper than ever before.

Your Guide, Cosmic Shaman Elínrós

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