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Our Masterclasses


Our Masterclasses are 5-step processes with 5 video sessions, each dedicated to one step of the process. At each step, you receive an introduction before the video session and instructions on how to proceed afterwards. The steps are spread out over the course of 5 days to allow time for the processes to thoroughly unfold. Some videos are 30 minutes, others are 10 minutes. It depends on the channeling.

Step 1. Attune
Step 2. Download
Step 3. Activate
Step 4. Integrate
Step 5. Ground

The steps for attunement, integration and grounding tend to be longer than the download and activation. Which is interesting, considering how common it is to skip integration and just very briefly ground energywork. These steps are absolutely crucial for longterm effect and wellbeing.


My methods include channeling, light language, light codes, art and sound healing. It is a divine co-creation with Spirit, the sources we connect to, our higher selves and our Divine Networks. Most importantly, we always align with Divine Will, Divine Timing, Divine Order and the highest good of all. 


In the first video, we begin with an attunement, during which you are multidimensionally tuned like an instrument to become a vibrational match to the theme of the Masterclass, such as Abundance. Fully guided sessions.


Once you are attuned, it's time to download. During this phase, you will receive what you are ready for and what is appropriate for you at this time, all in alignment with your Higher Self and your personal Divine Network. Fully guided sessions.


Your downloads are carefully activated in Divine Collaboration in the third video. New abilities, upgrades, talents, pathways, channels, opportunities, connections, and so forth, are installed in a safe manner. Fully guided sessions.


Considering that you are a limitless, multidimensional being with many bodies, channels and realms interlocking, deliberate integration is absolutely cruicial for your success, balance and wellbeing. Fully guided session.


We must ground. We must center. We have to anchor everything to find multidimensional stability. Without strong roots, we lose our balance, hurt ourselves and go further back than we were before we started. Anchor deep and soar high! Fully guided sessions.


Share your insights and experiences with our community at The Coffeehouse - our chat forum that is only available to students. It is a place where you can make truly meaningful connections, express yourself and enjoy a sacred vibe together with like-hearted souls.


Always use headphones for our sessions.


Join our next monthly live group coaching call on July 22. Each session offers a safe space to share your journey, ask questions, and receive guidance live from Cosmic Shaman Elinros. Embrace the opportunity to feel heard, understood, and uplifted in a compassionate and supportive environment. Only available to current students.


We are currently planning a couple of 2-day workshops in the San Diego area in September. This gives you an opportunity to experience powerful shifts: Attune, Download, Activate, Integrate and Ground supported by a powerful group energy. Sign up to our mailinglist below to stay informed.

Merge with the Divine within in July with our Divine Union  Masterclasses. In August, we shower our chakra system with tender love and care. 


Time to fly!

There is no point in holding yourself back or doubting your ability to constantly reach new, dazzling heights. Together¬†we will soar¬†like eagles, use our creative power unobstructedly, and leap like¬†jaguars¬†through portals and gateways‚ÄĒto finally¬†ground deeper than ever before.

Your Guide, Cosmic Shaman Elínrós

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